Going Digital

  Recently I was reflecting on why a speaker was making a point that was clearly not supported by the new data, and I realised that it was because they weren’t party to the discussions that happen in the CCRI kitchen. There is always a lag between what is known in a research institute and…

Protesting for a bank

A town that for some is the acme of an alternative life Glastonbury is facing the loss of all their high street banks.

The Internet is (not) a commons

I’ve been engaged in that periodic negotiation with the sheer complexity of the internet – choosing a smartphone plan.  Fortunately, I could make it marginally easier as I didn’t want to change the actual phone, just work out which of the galaxy of possible plans I wanted. It is at this point that the rhetoric…

Organics 3.0

A quick search & you’ll find an IFOAM document discussing the 3rd wave of the global organic movement. This wave has been much anticipated and as part of that process we need to understand the past

Reading Food Journalism

Over the years I’ve read a lot of food journalism, some good, some bad, some best forgotten. Some of it makes what for me is a fundamental error in confusing purchasing behaviour with support.

The Resistable Rise of Nigel Farage

Book review: Through a combination of very sophisticated analysis and a visceral feel for its key constituency UKIP has found the hollowed out heart of British politics and lodged itself there.

Pulp Friction – The Great Somerset Apple Heist

  It wouldn’t happen in France or Italy, it just wouldn’t be possible or allowed. I refer of course to the great Somerset apple heist. The news that the cider making factory in Shepton Mallet will in the future not make cider but act as a hub for the exportation of apple pulp to be…

The End is Nigh

Over the past few years I have become interested in the politics of the end of the world or rather those who are anticipating it – because if has come to saturate the news.  Often we don’t recognise it but it is there, and it is important to acknowledge it. I started with presentation on…

Beyond the Echo-Chamber

I deliberately follow a number of people on Twitter with whom I profoundly disagree. Over the last couple of years I have been reading the literature on social media & researching how people use it – so I now follow people with whom I don’t agree. At the CCRI we have trialled some of the…

UKIP & Rural Renewables

“This loopy idea that we can cover Britain in ugly disgusting ghastly windmills and that somehow our future energy needs will come from that” (Nigel Farage 2013). When I heard Mr Farage said this on the radio in 2013 I took note. UKIP hadn’t previously had much to say about rural Britain or renewable energy, and…