Post-rural England and ubiquitous ICT

I increasingly view rural England, densely – but not uniformly – connected by 4G phones, high-speed broadband and a multitude of devices as having moved beyond the rural of 10 years ago, not the same as urban life but certainly past the rural as we often understand and see it represented – a post-rural situation.


Protesting for a bank

A town that for some is the acme of an alternative life Glastonbury is facing the loss of all their high street banks.

The need for #Ruralists

Image CC University of Gloucestershire I’m a big fan of the ‘Monocle’ suite of podcasts, especially ‘the urbanist’, and I was struck by how one of their contributors used the term ‘urbanist’. For many years it was used only in relation to city planners but increasing it is being used to refer to anyone who…