Islands of Green

In the story of environmental degradation, islands have a very special place. Through the eighteenth and nineteenth century, remote islands were significant in early theories of the relationship between the local climate, forests and soil degradation. Islands were important bases in the spread of colonial patterns of environmental exploitation, offering safe harbours, supplies of water … Continue reading Islands of Green


Blended not stirred: spirulina vs kale

The title of the recent Guardian articles captures the tension quite well, and then the article misses the interesting points.  As Mauro’s blog post illustrates, there has been a careful and thoughtful case made for growing algae as a food source in cities.   But before turning to that let’s consider the value of kale. As … Continue reading Blended not stirred: spirulina vs kale

UKIP & Rural Renewables

“This loopy idea that we can cover Britain in ugly disgusting ghastly windmills and that somehow our future energy needs will come from that” (Nigel Farage 2013). When I heard Mr Farage said this on the radio in 2013 I took note. UKIP hadn’t previously had much to say about rural Britain or renewable energy, and … Continue reading UKIP & Rural Renewables