Post-rural England and ubiquitous ICT

I increasingly view rural England, densely - but not uniformly - connected by 4G phones, high-speed broadband and a multitude of devices as having moved beyond the rural of 10 years ago, not the same as urban life but certainly past the rural as we often understand and see it represented - a post-rural situation.


Pulp Friction – The Great Somerset Apple Heist

  It wouldn't happen in France or Italy, it just wouldn't be possible or allowed. I refer of course to the great Somerset apple heist. The news that the cider making factory in Shepton Mallet will in the future not make cider but act as a hub for the exportation of apple pulp to be … Continue reading Pulp Friction – The Great Somerset Apple Heist

The End is Nigh

Over the past few years I have become interested in the politics of the end of the world or rather those who are anticipating it - because if has come to saturate the news.  Often we don't recognise it but it is there, and it is important to acknowledge it. I started with presentation on … Continue reading The End is Nigh

Food Beyond Consumerism

For several years now I’ve been boring everyone who will listen that the future of food is about citizenship, and part of that is making food no longer a consumer product. Quite what that would mean in practice is something that has taken a while to work out but in a few blog posts I … Continue reading Food Beyond Consumerism