Green Shaving – Razors and hope

I’m currently without a beard, and the entails the daily chore of shaving.  One of my resentments has been the ridiculous situation of having to buy clearly non-recyclable products and pay dearly for them.

With the help of this blog post, I’ve made the decision to return to the good old-fashioned safety razor,  which is, of course, anything but.  I’m bracing myself for the cuts and nicks, but equally, I’m certain that this is going to be better than the endless succession of expensive blades, that with multiple blades and plastic construction will be dug up in their billions by the archaeologists of the future.

I now have a chunky metal handle and a box of razors covered in Turkish script, thanks to an internet delivery.

Bit by bit we are making the changes to more sustainable practices and choices, it isn’t easy but we need to know that we can make changes that improve our lives and safeguard the planet.





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