PhD opportunities @CCRI_UK

In 2017 it will be twenty years since I hung up my apron and left the catering industry to start a career in research. I benefited enormously from the support and sponsorship of UWE; that invested in a cohort of student social scientists at that time. Which is why I am so delighted that the CCRI are now part of the Welsh Doctoral Training Partnership which as well as offering opportunities for fully funded places also offers a suite of support that will launch people into their careers in research.

The traditional image of a social science PhD is that it only equips you for academia, but of more recent doctoral graduates in this family disciplines only 50% go into Universities as there is a demand for these advanced research skills in other sectors of the economy. To widen the opportunity, you can study part-time, and for the right candidate, it can also include a sponsored Masters Degree. So if you have ever thought of a career in research, it is well checking out the details of this opportunity. You can view the details here.

For those people who would rather follow a path that is about working directly with policy makers and those with responsibilities for making change then the alternative is the co-sponsored PHD. The CCRI has an opportunity for someone who would like to work on a project with The Environment Agency, the details of which are here.

Both of these opportunities will give the successful candidates chance to be part of a vibrant research community and to build an exciting career in research.
Photo – courtesy of the University of Gloucestershire.


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