Urban Power & the rural

“there is not such thing as an unsustainable city in general, but rather there are a series of urban and environmental processes that negatively affect some social groups while benefiting others”(p.115)

Swyngedouw, E. (2006). “Circulations and metabolisms: (Hybrid) Natures and (Cyborg) cities.” Science as Culture 15(2): 105-121.

I’m spending a lot of the summer writing papers on the future of food in cities and based on our experience of research in Bristol during the SUPURBFOOD project.

One of the most challenging areas of the whole project has been to start to look at the importance of cities in the flows of resources and material that shape the contemporary food system. But significantly that not everyone benefits in the same way from these flows, and teasing that out has been one of the hardest part of the project. Often in food projects there is a temptation, almost a rhetorical necessity to say that everyone benefits but when you look on the ground that isn’t always the case. Rather it is making sure that the right people benefit, and the nature of power is to ensure that such an outcome isn’t easy.


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